Legal Marketing Trends for Law Firm Success in 2022 – The National Law Review

Legal Marketing Trends for Law Firm Success in 2022 – The National Law Review

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Lawyers get into law to practice, not to focus on administrative tasks or marketing. However, running a law firm is much more than practicing law – it’s running a business. If law firms want to stay in business, they need to put effort into keeping abreast with legal marketing trends to attract new clients and keep the firm growing and profitable.

According to recent research, 57 percent of clients look for a lawyer on their own, and many use the internet to search for firms. In addition, 66 percent of solo lawyers do their own marketing, while 46 percent of law firms have a budget for marketing.

The global market size of the legal services industry is projected to grow over $900 billion by 2025, so it’s primed for innovation and evolution. Law firms need to stay current on legal trends and invest in marketing to be part of this massive industry growth.

Here are the top legal marketing trends for 2022:

  1. Setting SMART Goals

  2. Creating a Brand

  3. Running an SEO Campaign

  4. Embrace Content Marketing

  5. Explore Video Marketing

  6. Focus on the Right Social Media Platforms

  7. Post Reviews from Clients

  8. Showcase Case Studies

  9. Create an Email Marketing Campaign

  10. Use Automation to Track Legal Marketing Trends


  1. Setting SMART Goals

No strategy is worthwhile without goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals that ensure marketing results match their intent. Setting goals allows marketers to see what’s working and what isn’t to refine and reconsider the strategy.

For example, a goal to “generate new clients” doesn’t fit the SMART goals framework. Instead, the goal should be to increase the number of client leads generated per month from 15 to 30 as a result of the newsletter. This should be achieved in six months.

Each goal should be aligned with a purpose, or what the law firm is hoping to achieve. Here are some examples of general marketing goals:

  • Brand awareness

  • Lead generation

  • Client acquisition

  • Increased customer value


  1. Creating a Brand

Branding isn’t limited to retail corporations – law firms need a brand, too. A brand helps a law firm attract the right type of client and grow.

Creating a brand is a long process, but it starts with thinking about the mission and vision of the firm, the core values of the firm, and the unique value proposition (what separates the law firm from its …….


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