How social media consistency drives business results – Sprout Social

How social media consistency drives business results – Sprout Social

In 2022, Figo Pet Insurance went all-in on their organic TikTok strategy. They started posting four to five videos a week on the platform (an impressive goal for their scrappy team!) and their efforts led to audience growth, multiple viral videos and revenue-driving ads.

If you’re wondering how social media consistency can help you improve your social strategy, build your audience and contribute to revenue growth like Figo, you’re in the right place. In this piece, the team behind Figo’s social media presence shared their tips for maintaining a regular social cadence and translating results to larger company goals.

Why social media consistency matters for brands

Consistency on social media isn’t just nice to have: it’s a non-negotiable for long-term success. Here are the four leading reasons why social media consistency matters.

Practice makes perfect

Bridgett Colling, Director of Marketing and Communications at Figo, saw the opportunity to expand her brand’s TikTok presence. But she knew success on the app was only possible with volume and consistency.

“The most successful brands are the ones who create a lot of video content. They get the reps in and make content all the time. It’s a numbers game. So, that’s the approach we took to TikTok.”

Though posting up to five times per week was a stretch for her small team, Colling said it paid off by allowing them to hone their craft and really go for it.

The consistency allowed Cheyanne Rains, Figo’s Social Media Coordinator, to develop her own social media video template to make video creation more efficient. Many of the videos she creates—including their highest performing video—take 15 minutes to develop from start to finish.

Outperform your competition

Sprout’s data science team analyzed posting frequency across more than 30,000 Sprout customers and found that the industry average is 11 posts per day across all social channels. And on TikTok, providing your audience with fresh and diverse content daily is the best way to crack the algorithm and end up on the coveted #ForYouPage.

Bridgett saw this play out firsthand. “Even as a smaller, younger pet insurance brand, our consistency sets our performance apart from more established competitors.” She says Figo often matches or surpasses its competitors’ views, engagements and share of voice.

To track those metrics, Cheyanne uses Sprout’s Competitive Analysis Report (see image above) to compare Figo’s results side-by-side with competitors. The findings help Figo reinforce the value of social at their company and pulse-check brand health.

Make space to experiment

As Cheyanne puts it, experimentation was the theme of Figo’s 2022 video strategy. By posting every work day, she could identify which content types generated the highest impressions and engagements.

Cheyanne explains, “Trending sounds and memes related to pets and pets insurance drive the highest engagements. Listicles are also high-performing videos.” She returned to these formats again and again to produce a pipeline of successful content.

Even with solid success from these formats, Figo’s consistent posting cadence left space for new ideas, too–like their “Ask the Vet Tech” series, which amplifies their internal thought leadership and provides …….


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