Entrepreneurs: Recycle, Reuse And Repurpose Content – Forbes

Entrepreneurs: Recycle, Reuse And Repurpose Content – Forbes

“The Wheel of Content”


If you are an entrepreneur, like me, you are in the content business. Whether you’re communicating about your brand, your business, your expertise, or your message, you are fighting for eyeballs and audience attention. However, “The Wheel of Content” is constantly moving, and it is damn near impossible to run a company and continue to produce new content every week, let alone every day. It can burn you out. So, what is someone fighting to stay relevant in 2022 to do?

This is where Ruben Kanya comes in. Ruben is a content repurposing wizard, and his tips are genius for those who aspire to develop a brand and promote themselves or their business efficiently and effectively.

Bob Kulhan: Ruben, let’s start with the basics. Why is content development so important?

Ruben Kanya: First of all, entrepreneurs play a contact sport. And when I say contact sport, it’s the eyeballs, right? Every commercial that you see, every application – whether you’re online or seeing a billboard outside – we’re in the space of creating content to bring people into our journey. Whether you’re raising money for charity, you’re wanting to sell your service or you’re trying to make an offer, you need to lead with content. Leading with content is what gets the conversation started.

Kulhan: Absolutely. We are told to stay relevant. We’re told, “Create content, create content, create content.” However, there are so many platforms pulling our attention, and as a business owner, it is easy to start thinking, “How can I create all this content, get my message to my audience and still run a business?” As an expert in this world, what advice can you give us?

Kanya: For me, the message to the people is this: stop creating more content and start repurposing your existing content. In this modern age of technology, you can dig in and realize that there’s a pile of gold that you’re sitting on that’s underutilized. It is not always about creating new material. It is about repurposing content. Be creative. There’s all sorts of content. Whether it be video, YouTube, Zoom calls, podcasts, there’s so much that we’re doing actively in our day-to-day business to actually help people in real time that can then be repurposed and leveraged down the road, for the future — and honestly, in perpetuity. These platforms aren’t going anywhere.

Kulhan: What are some unique examples of content that people already have and likely wouldn’t be thinking about repurposing?

Kanya: When you think of business, what makes you want to do business with someone? It’s the idea of understanding how they do business. So, an easy way to repurpose is to actually show people how you’re doing business. Start as simply as your processes. One way you can do this is by capturing a process or solution through screen sharing.

There are many concepts communicated internally (in your business) that you can share. Think about it. You’re already doing this. It’s literally a window into your business, and most people don’t realize how often a screen share contains …….

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bobkulhan/2022/01/05/entrepreneurs–recycle-reuse-repurpose-content/

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