7 Hot YouTube Trends For Marketers In 2023 – The Drum

7 Hot YouTube Trends For Marketers In 2023 – The Drum

Video rules. How to jump into the hottest video marketing trends.

YouTube trends for marketers

From ASMR to audio ads, YouTube’s growth is reliant on ever changing trends, but how can marketers utilize these for brand growth?

Not only is YouTube the second most visited website on the planet, their viewers stream an astonishing 1 billion hours a day. The reason for this is simple – video rules. People love watching and learning from other people and YouTube offers a multitude of different experiences for viewers.

With billions of weekly views, brands would be foolish not to incorporate YouTube into their marketing strategy. Smart companies continue to jump on the bandwagon and put the channel to strategic, revenue producing use in their bid to entice customers, especially considering that Gen Z and millennials (YouTube’s main audience) are the shopping groups with the most power. Not because of money in their pockets but because they rule social channels. Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram are becoming prime shopping networks and these demographic groups know how to work them.

While video trends may come and go, utilizing a few of them and staying up to date isn’t such a bad idea. Let’s go over anticipated YouTube trends for marketers.

1. Short-form video

Snack-sized videos are all the rage thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Time is short and people are in a hurry, so videos that attract and engage in mere seconds fuel the current video wave. It certainly didn’t take YouTube long to catch on with their offering of YouTube Shorts, micro-videos that run less than 60 seconds and allow viewers a chance to digest quick form content. This lets advertisers pack a punch in under a minute.

It’s also a great chance to use shorts as teasers for upcoming product launches or brand events. In this example, Samsung created a memorable short to present their Galaxy Z Flip4 phone.

2. User-generated content (UGC)

Viewers tend to trust the word of friends and family above a brand’s own boasts. Therefore user-generated content is the icing on the cake for smart brands, especially when it involves video. UGC is original content created by customers and posted on various social channels. Encouraging customers to upload these content nuggets adds another layer of proof and trust to your brand.

YouTuber Daym Drops, famous for his Five Guys burger review, is the perfect example of how user-generated content can create explosive worth of mouth for brands.

3. Audio ads

Given that YouTube is primarily a visual platform, their introduction of audio ads was a surprise. Kudos to YouTube for this bit of genius as a large chunk of their viewings are actually ‘listenings’. Over 2 billion people use YouTube to listen to music so it only makes sense that audio ads would score in that format. Imagination and a bit of flair can turn an ad into a memorable audio connection. Tips for creating a successful audio ad include:

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